Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

On Thursday we were going the zoo. We had to go to the hall first because we had to put on our name tags, so that people would know who we were, if we got lost.

St Pius was excited because we were going to the zoo. In our bus was Room 4, Room 5 and Room 6.

When we got there, we were told to sit down for information. The first place we went to was the kiwis but I was afraid, so we went to see the giraffes and zebras. The zebra babies looked Cute.

We then went to go see the lion. There were two males and three females. They were fighting.

After that we had morning tea. I had a steak and pie for morning tea. It was delicious. We were eating in front of the elephants.

After morning tea we went to see the monkeys. Most of them were sleeping. One or two were awake. Then we went to see the tigers. One of the tigers was playing with a ball. Then the tiger popped the ball.

After that our group went to kid’s zone. We were playing for about five minutes. We then had to go back to school, because it was home time. Some of us on the bus were sleeping. We were mostly tired but it was a fun day at the zoo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flim Festival

The buses had arrived. We had waited a long time.
We were on our way to Sylvia Park. I was sitting next to Sefesi. We were looking out the window at all the people and the cars.

Finally we arrived and hopped off the bus.
We were so happy to be out of school.
We walked in to Hoyts cinemas, and walked in to the Extreme Screen. On our way to our seats we saw our presenters. They were so nervous.

The movies started and our seats were so cosy.
Movie after movie, Presenter after Presenter and then finally Saint Pius. We cheered and cheered.

We had so much fun and what a great time it was!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Zoo Trip

On Thursday 21st October 2010 St. Pius X students were invited to go to the zoo. We all had to pay $6.00 to go. We all had to go in groups. I went in Maria Tai’s group.

Next we all waited patiently in rows for the bus to turn up. Julia and I hopped onto the bus and sat together with Melefusi and Lose. We got there at last. We all hopped off the bus and walked toward the entrance.While we all waited, we were shivering and talking to each other.

The first animals I liked looking at, were the sea-otters swimming. They looked so cute when they got out of the water.

The second thing I liked most, were the cheetahs. They were running so fast like wild cats.

When we got back from the Auckland Zoo nearly everyone on the bus was sleeping, but we were alright. I felt so happy getting out of the soaking rain and to get home safe and sound.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Film Festival

On 11 November 2010 we went to the Film Festival to watch other schools films. The first film was from Tamaki Intermediate School. Room 7 was second. Next was Point England. The movies were frozen.

Then the manager said, “We will start over again. Then everyone said,” Yes! Yes! Yes! We carried on watching the next movies.

My Favourite Film was, “Boy” It was funny. It was cool. I Love it. I wish I could watch it again, but we had to turn it off because everyone was noisy. I still want to watch it again.

Everyone was on the bus. They made a big noise. Everyone was tired from our movies and we enjoyed our day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Sam

On a Thursday afternoon after icing the cup cakes, I got dressed into my best clothes. After dinner we all drove down to Aulthop village lodge. (Aulthop village is a retirement village were my nana lives)
We all helped to put all the food on the tables and started making the punch and the ice water.
When every thing was ready my Grandpa and my aunties Grandpa Roy arrived. Once everyone was there the book launch started.
First up on stage was my sister and my Samoan dance. It was fun! Once that had finished, my Aunty Lizzy (the author of the book) got up and said her speech.
Once she had finished her speech a lady sang a song named “From the Angels”. After she sang that beautiful song, my cousins “Jack” and “Sally” read out Baby Sam. After performing to a song called “I am a Friend of God” it was time for a snack. When everything was packed we all drove home.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


On the 11th November 2010 the St. Pius children were all excited to go to Sylvia Park to see the St. Pius film stars on the Extreme Screen.

As we travelled in the bus, we went over heaps of bumps and past houses that we knew.
When we got to Sylvia Park, we went up the stairs and into the movie theatre. We waited patiently as we stood in our three groups.

Later we had to wait patiently for the Schools to take their seats . We still had to remain in our three groups.

When I was about to sit down, Mrs Gleeson said, “Catherine and Genevieve you two girls come and sit down here, so that there is more space for you girls”. As the movie started, I got excited I was getting my self comfortable.

My favourite movies was from Tamaki College and St. Pius. The St. Pius had the most cheers and everyone had an enjoyable day, even though it was our first time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love a baby called Chantell. I love to look after her and cuddle her. When I tickle her, she giggles. When she’s asleep, I watch her in bed sleeping, because she is so cute. I love this baby and I spoil her. When she cries, I take her outside and she goes quiet. When she sees my dad, she says “PAPA! PAPA!” and she starts Giggling and Laughing.

By Catherine

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love baking with my dad.
I love baking with my dad, because we get to make cakes and pancakes.
First we buy the ingredients.
Then we mix them all together.
I mix the mixture until it is soft.
I put the mixture in the cake container.
Then I put the cake in the oven to bake.
Later on I take the cake out of the oven and then eat it.

By Genevieve

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love to Dance

I Love to dance.

I like the way the quiet music plays, while I gracefully dance away.

I like the way the loud rock and roll music plays, while I Dance Jazz style.

I also like the costumes and make-up I have to wear, for my competitions and shows.

It’s really cool to dance, because when you dance in musical theatres, you get dance with props.

I Love To Dance

I like to throw the football around. I like football because it is fun to play. Football is a good sport because you can throw and catch the ball. I like to kick the ball and to catch the ball. I like to play this sport because it inspires me. I love Football.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Love my Parents.

I love my parents.

They care for me.

When I’m sick they give me the right things to drink.

They hug me and I hug them back.

They buy me clothes and food.

They do my bed when I’m late for school.

They will always love me.

I love my parents.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love Music

I Love to listen to music.

I Love the way music flows with me.
I Love how music can calm me down when I am angry.
I love music.
Music helps me when I am bored.
I Love music because when I am doing something slow, I turn on the music and I get my work done quicker.

I love to listen to music.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I love my Mum and Dad

I Love my mum and dad.

I Love my parents because they help me to do my homework.
They help me to tidy my bed.
When I am sick they give me the right things to eat and drink.
They make me feel warm. They are very special to me.
I Love my mum and dad.

I Love to Bake

I love to bake.
I love baking cookies because they smell like cookies and cream.

I love baking, so I can serve a lot of cookies, because they taste yum and tasty.

I love baking because my mum tells me to go and get my shoes and go shopping, to go and buy the ingredients.

I love to bake cakes with my mum.

I love baking cakes because I put them in the oven.
I love baking.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I Am/Poem

First Stanza
I am young and smart.
I wonder if I will get a really good job when I’m older.
I hear people say my name.
I see my grandpa’s face in the sky.
I want to be an All Black prop.
I am young and smart.

Second Stanza
I pretend to be dumb but I can do it.
I feel smarter than last year.
I touch my own belongings.
I worry that I will die early.
I cry if somebody dies in my family.

Third Stanza
I understand what people tell me.
I say I love my whole family and God.
I dream about nothing.
I try to get a good report in school.
I hope my family loves me.
I am smart.

I Am/Poem

First Stanza
I am good at basketball and handball.
I wonder if I am going to be a superstar.
I hear people calling my name.
I see money falling down from the sky.
I wish that I’ll go back to Samoa with my family
I am good at basketball and handball

Second Stanza
I pretend to be a superstar walking on the red carpet.
I feel money in my hands.
I worry that my grandma, grandpa and parents will die.
I cry if anybody dies in my family from a tragic accident.
I am good at basketball and handball.

Thrid Stanza
I understand that Jesus is in me.
I say that I am going to be a basketball player one day.
I dream that all of us have powers.
I try to win in a game.
I hope that I am going to get a job.
I am good at basketball and handball.

By Jordan.

I Am/Poem

First stanza
I am helpful and smart.
I wonder in the future if I will be a doctor.
I hear the birds singing.
I can see a boy singing at school.
I want to be a superstar singer.
I am helpful and smart.

Second stanza
I pretend to be a Queen.
I feel my baby brother.
I touch the clouds.
I worry about my family.
I cry when someone in my family dies.
I am helpful and smart.

Third Stanza
I understand that people love Jesus.
I say that God is real.
I dream that I am a millionaire.
I try to be good.
I hope I will make it into college.
I am helpful and smart.

By Deja

I Am/Poem

First Stanza
I am strong and friendly.
I wonder if I will be an All Black.
I fill my life with God and Jesus.
I see all my family with me.
I want to be a superstar.
I am strong and friendly.

Second Stanza.
I pretend to be a teacher.
I hear God saying my name.
I want to be an world famous wrestler.

I feel Jesus on my hand.
I like my brother because he is always kind to me.
I cry sometimes when my family members die.
I am a good singer.
I am strong and friendly.

Third Stanza
I understand that God is shiny.

I say my teacher is smart.
I dream about Micheal Jackson.

I try to show my teacher my best attitude.
I am strong and friendly.

By Ascott