Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nanny Mihi And The Rainbow

This morning we went to Hoyt's Sylvia Park for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Please watch our movie and share your thoughts with us. We look forward to reading your comments.

Nanny Mihi And The Rainbow from Preba Moodley on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saint Pius Feast Day

On a bright day, Saint Pius x school celebrated Saint Pius x Feast day. The school went into the Hall, Room 2 and Room 1 went in first to sit down. The whole school and teachers sang Happy Birthday to you. Everyone was singing happily. Later on Mrs Tui called some of the older girls from Room 7 to come and give out the cake. The cake was big and there was enough for the whole school to eat! Some of the kids had two pieces of cake. After eating cake Mrs Tui asked if the Te Rangatira group could stand up and speak about it. Last of all it was time for the Basketball tournament. Kiwis stood up first and went to their leader. Kiwis went to Alexs older sister we had two lines. We went to the courts and lined at the back of the line, Tuis and geckos played against each other it was fun because Tuis won. Everyone was cheering and screaming for their team. After Basketball the students went back to class and got their bags and sat in two lines so we could go home. It was a fun and a sunny day.

By Mikaela 


On a rainy day Room 5 had Badminton. First we had to get our gear ready. We met a guy named Robbie. He told everyone “Good afternoon I am Robbie” Mr Gaffney told us to say “Good afternoon” so we did. We use shuttlecocks and rackets. He told everyone to go in one line to get a racket and shuttlecock. I was last because I told the people at the back to go in front of me. Then he told everyone to space out because someone might get hit with the rackets. We were using back hand grip. Mr Gaffney told me “stretch your arm so it will be much easier.” So I tried it and it worked. He said “You are doing well keep it up.” I hit him with the racket and I said “So sorry”. Robbie called us to “come and sit down.” He told us to partner up. I went with Pio because nobody picked him.

He was first to serve. It was so funny because when Pio served he missed it. Then it was my turn and I did a perfect one because it flew in to the air and hit his head. We were laughing like there was no tomorrow.
When our lesson was finished Robbie said “We are going to use nets.” Then we had to go in two lines so we can eat our yummy lunch.”   

By Samantha

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On a hot sunny day room 5 went to Badminton. First of all Robbie introduced himself. Next we got into a line. Then we a racquet and a shuttle cock. After that we had a warm up game. Then we learned how to hit the ball. We played hit the racket back hand serve. I think I did quite well. After that we played a game it was fun. Room 5 all had a turn at hitting the racquet and the shuttle cock. After all of that we had to sit. Then we turned around and got ready to play on the nets. We had to pick a partner and I picked Malia. It was so fun playing with Malia. Finally we gathered together and said “Good bye 
Robbie.” It was so so sad that we did not get any more Badminton!   

By Saveu      

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Easter Weekend

On Thursday I went to church. On Friday I went again. On Saturday we went to singing practise for youth. On Sunday I went to youth. It was so much fun because we got to play in the courts. When we came back home we had a treasure hunt. I found 19 Easter egg. Later on we found all of them. So mum gave us some big ones. I had two cars, a pen, a bag, a book and thee small eggs.

By Marcus

Fredrick's Birthday

After school we went home and had a little rest until the birthday had started because the birthday boy was gone. While he was gone the kids were blowing up the balloons and decorating the house.A while later the birthday boy was here. He brought lollies home and started to play with them. My mum wrapped a present for Fredrick. It was Nike shoes but my mum said “Don’t tell him!” I replied “OK!” She told me to go and guard the house and if he comes then tell him to go inside. “Okay” I said. A while later……… He came! And I had to go and distract him and say “Go inside and play with Peti and Kalo.” So he went off.
 Finally we sang the birthday song while Ella brings the cake and my mum got the present. After that we had dinner. They were serving us Chicken, salad and sausages. Next we had our yummy desert which was Ice-cream and the yummy cake.
 A while later we played with the balloons. Jelsma chucked a pink balloon on my face. I said “Ha ha very funny I will get you back very soon.” I quickly chucked a blue balloon on his face. Fredrick was busy watching his favourite singer MattyB. It was the best birthday of my life.

 By: Samantha 

Swimming - Henrietta

On a lovely exciting Monday morning room 5 went swimming. When we got there the boys swam first. When they were swimming we sat with our books and read. When we were reading Mrs Mat told us to get changed. I was so happy. When the boys came out it was the girls turn. Everybody was noisy. When we got into the water Julian told us one by one to get in. When I got in it was cold. At the end we had free time. When we got out I was freezing. After that I got changed and I went back to class. I like swimming because they teach us how to swim with your arms out straight. I love swimming.

The Big Feed - Saveu

On one day there was a big feed in the ocean. The people were just talking and relaxing. It was so hot. That  is  why  the people came to the sea .Same of the kids played in the sand while the parents  ate  at  the tables. There were so many people there that the owner kicked them out. The people would not get out and they were too loud . A shark came and they were scared of the shark. They all went crazy. The years came past and the people grew old. There was a wedding at the same restaurant was the owner’s daughter’s wedding. They had a wonderful time. Suddenly while they were dancing the shark came again. They were all screaming and shouting “ HELP “ !!
One little boy loved pets that he made the shark laugh by tickling. After that they all had a celebrated and had a good time at the wedding. Suddenly all sang happy songs and talk. So they had a competition. All of the boy sharks came to the boys. Then all of the shark girls came to the human girls. The owner did the competition. They had to go all the way as far as they could. If you are tired you can come back but if the sharks are tired you have to came back with or you can swim back. And they lived happy ever after.

Monday, September 9, 2013

On a bright Tuesday Room 5 went to badminton lessons we sat on the ground in the hall to listen what warm up game Room 5 is going to play. After the game Robbie told us to come back again to sit on the ground. Later on he told us to stand in one line. It was a long line that we had. Robbie gave us a racquet and a shuttlecock. Room 5 were hitting t eh shuttle in the air. After that Robbie told us to sit on the ground and then he told us that our lesson was finished. We went to class. Badminton was fun.

By Mikaela

Saint Pius Feast Day


It was a mild sunny day. Today was St Pius Feast day.

First we had lined up outside the classes and had said our school prayer.

When we had finished we all put our hands together for Church. Then we started to walk to our school Church.

To start off with we listened to what Father had to say. Next we had some readings from the bible. Following this, we sang some songs that was very comforting to some people who love those kind of songs.

At the final point the Mass was just about to finish.

Finally we did the bread and wine. Some people did not take the bread and wine and some people did.

The best thing I liked about Mass was that we all got together.

By Moana

Friday, September 6, 2013

Easter Weekend

On the Easter weekend I had a big Easter bunny it was so yummy. When I first got it I wanted to save it until I got back from church. So I did save it and when I came back I shared it with my family. It was a great celebration for me and my family. Before I gave the Easter eggs I said.'' Happy Easter Latu family. Welcome to our Easter family. Then on Tuesday we just had a family barbecue.

By Henrietta.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Birthday Present

One morning there was someone knocking on the door of Margaret and John's house. It was the postman who brought the mail every day. He was carrying a great big box. Mum opened the door for the postman. She saw the surprise present for Margaret and John. She called them to come and look at the parcel.
They all said "Thank you" to the postman.
"What do you think it is?" Asked John.
"I think its a surprise." Said Margaret
"It is a surprise present from your uncle Sione for your birthday next week." Said Mum.
The twins want to open their present but their mum made them wait until their birthday.
On their birthday they opened the birthday box. Inside the box was a puzzle game for the twins. They liked it very much and phoned uncle Sione to say thank you.

By Alex

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

On a wonderful night we went to the movies. We invited my brothers friend Jelsma. But first we had to go to Pak'n'Save to get our lollies and drinks so we do not have to get it from Hoyts Sylivia Park movie theatre. We were about to watch Despicable Me 2 but it was full so we had to watch Man of Steel. The bad guy killed the father but he did not tell the son of the other father.

When it had finished we thought that we were locked up so the man told us to push the button. My brother and I went where the stairs were and Jelsma and my mum went on the other stairs.

My mum asked if we were hungry and they said "yes!" with excitement. So we went to McDonalds but the one in G.I was closed so we went to the one near us. It was funny because Viliami farted while we were eating. We all started to laugh.

We dropped Jelsma off at his house so that he could wake up early and go to church. It was a fun day!

by Sammy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

On Saturday morning I went down the road with my friend. I was playing on his computer after that we played Ripper Rugby. I was in the green team. We only had 3 players and we were winning. All you had to do was rip the tag off. After that we went over to my big brothers friends house and he had 3 cats and he had his cousin over. His name was Joseph. After that we watched a video. Then they came over to our house. We were talking to our next door neighbor. Then we went inside. My big brothers friend brought his computer outside so we can watch some movies. Next our next door neighbors came over to my place then they went to go and get some blankets because we were cold. So they went to get some blankets. After that we went on the movie four k website and I watched a scary movie. It was called The Silent House. I was scared because I was scared for a  bit. We only watched half of the movie. After that I went to sleep. Then I woke up and went inside then I went to sleep.

By Courtney

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

In the holidays I went to Samoa. On the first day we went to Apia it was a long way. When we got to Apia first we went to buy a new fridge and stove. Then we went and bought some food from Frankie in Samoa. After that we went to Movies For You. I ordered the Oz Great and Powerful and some more. After all that we went back home then we went to sleep. But I watched the Oz Great and Powerful. On Monday night on the second week we came back to New Zealand. On Tuesday morning I went to the movies with my cousin and big sister. First we went to Pak 'n' Save to get some food for the movies. We got inside the movies and we opened our chips so that we don't make a noise while the movie is on. The part in the movie that I don't like is my sister always said Saveu can I have some of your chocolate? Then we went home.

By Saveu

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

On the very sunny Saturday morning my friends and their cousins and I went to Rainbows End. When it was morning me and my friend were so excited to go to Rainbows End. First of all we brushed our teeth and washed our face. Then we got changed and waited for my friends cousin to co me and pick us up to go to Rainbows End. When she came we were so happy to go. My friends cousins name was Jessica. Before we went to Rainbows End, Jessica got some money to go to Rainbows End. We were finally there. When we got in we were so excited to go on the rides. The first ride we went on was the bumper cars. It was so fun and I bumped my friend 2 times. After that we went on the bumper boats. My friend Tara and Tyra and I were waiting for a long time. Finally we got on one of the bumper boats. The water splashed all over me and I was soaking wet! When we got out I was very wet and my friend Tyra was too. Then we went on this ride call the Fear Fall. When we dropped down me and my friend were trying to scream but we couldn't because of the air. A minute after all of us went to go eat. I had some hot chips and my friend had a sandwich and a can of coke. While we were eating we were watching a show. When the show finished we were still eating.  When we were finished we went on the slide called the Louge. A while after the last line we went on was the bumper cars. Then it was time to go. It was a very fun day. When we went to McDonalds. My friend Tyra and I had an ice-cream cone each and it was very yummy! It was a very fun day today. I hope I go there again!

By Lenleigh

Monday, July 15, 2013


Did you know I love swimming? I go swimming three times a week. My mum and sister always go with me. We go to Glen Innes Aqua Centre in New Zealand.

Most days I learn and play but my sister just comes to learn how to swim. The she shows our mum the tricks that she learnt in her special swimming class, that she has been going to for two months. It would be better if we could be in the same class but she is in the development and I am in swimmers class.

My mum does not even go swimming. She just goes to the spa and doesn't worry about anything, only about the lovely hot water.

My mum, my sister and I always go on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We start swimming classes at 4:35pm and it ends at 5:00pm.

When we go we take our togs, goggles and our caps to keep our hair dry and our fringes out of our face. We also can concentrate better on our swimming lessons.

When we go I feel really sad when we go because all the fun has to end when we leave.

By Moana

Sunday, July 14, 2013


On a partly cloudy day Room 5 went to swimming. When I came to school my classmates were in their togs.  I quickly got into my togs and I got my towel.

Me and my class went to the pool. They boys went after us. When the girls jumped in it was very cold. The first thing we did was float on our backs. Our instructor Kevin gave us some boards and he said to float and touch each corner of the pool. We all went at once.

After we floated on our backs we had to do some star jumps. We all had to do three star jumps each. After our star jumps we had a breathing competition. We had two groups of girls. It was Von, Teanoano, Kalisi, Sammy and I. We all held our breaths for a long time then I jumped back up. Von was the winner.

A few minutes later Kevin said we could have free time. Me and my friend, Teanoano, pretended we were mermaids. It was very funny. Then Kevin said to give him a hi five, then we had to get out of the pool.
It was so much fun!

By Lenleigh

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Last week Room 5  went to swimming. When we got there our teacher Mr Gaffney told the boys to go into the tent and to wait for the girls to get out of the pool.

Then the boys went in. before we went in we had to hang our towels on the gate.

After that the boys that went first were Alex, then me. When we all got in Gillian the one that looks after the swimming pool told us to put out bum's against the wall of the pool. After that we said, "ok."

"All right! Let's get going instead of talking!" They boys said "yes Gillian." Right lets get started.

First of all we had to swim from wall to wall, two at a time from edge to end. That was kind of hard for me.

Next we tried floating on our backs. Then one of the boys spoilt the game. His name is Motu. So we all had to get out of the pool.

By Fanoali'i


Hello. My name is Founamotu but you can just call me Motu. This is a story about swimming. On a cold day Room 5 went to the courts. where there were two tents, one for the girls and one for the boys. The girls tent smelled like pee.

Our teachers were Kevin and Gillian. We all jumped into the water. They said "It's cold!" But it was fun at the same time.

We did lots of fun activities. It was very cool. Our swimming time was 9:00 o'clock to 10:00 o'clock. When it was finished I got changed in the tents.

By the way Gillian was our teacher. We got out of the water and said "tata."

By Motu

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Swimming

On a terrible rainy day we went swimming. First of all we got changed. I got changed into my togs. Second of all we went to the tennis courts. The swimming pool was on the side of the tennis court. There were two tents on the court. One is for the boys and one is for the girls to get changed in.

Then we hung our towels on the fence. Next we went into the pool. It was cold and our swimming teacher was Kevin.

We learned to do free style and swimming on a board. It was cool! After that we had some free time. Then we went up the stairs. We grabbed our towels from the fence and went out of the gate. I was cold. Then I took off my togs and got changed into my school uniform for morning tea.

By Courtney

My Swimming

On a cold windy day we went in the swimming pool and it was cold. There were tents, one for the boys and one for the girls. We practicsed backstroke and starfish. That was really cool. We had so much fun and there were two swimming teachers. Their name's were Gillian and Kevin. They were the best swimming teachers in my life. They taught us how to backstroke and freestyle and starfish on our backs and front.

We had so much fun at the pool. But it was so cold. I stopped going to the pool because it was a little bit deep. But it was sooooo cool. I am sick and I might vomit in the pool that's why I am not going to swimming. When Gillian said playtime we all ran to have fun and jumped on our friends back. We had an awesome time in the pool and then we went back to class.

By Alilia

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swimming Day

On a Terrible rainy day Room 5 got changed into their togas. My togs were blue. The people said it was cold. "Oh my! It is cold!" The girls went first. First we had to warm up. Then we got into groups. Malia, Anna-Lisa and Saveu was group 1. Number 2 was Lenleigh, Courtney and Von. Lenleigh was first from group 2 and Saveu was first from group 1. Saveu had to go twice because there were not enough girls. I had to race Von. It was 28 degrees. I think Mr Gaffney only came to check on us once. The girls and I came out and got our towels.  We had been listening and we had one minute of free time! We got changed and went inside the classroom. Teanoano was the first one to get changed. Suddenly Teanoano saw Kalisis coming out.

Finally the girls went into the tent to get changed. The girls were cold. They put their jumpers on. Before we got out of the pool, it was warm. When I got changed I ate my lunch. Finally I got warm.

By Malia


On a cloudy day it was swimming at school. When I went to school, the bell had already rang. Then I went to get changed.

After I had changed I went to go and swim with the other girls.

When I got inside the swimming pool it was warm there. We were happy because we were swimming in the lovely warm water.

After that we were learning some skills. We were swimming fast because we wanted our team to win, but we were slow because of me. I was tired of swimming. After swimming we had free time. We were happy because we always have fun every day and we love swimming. It is fun and it is my favourite thing to do. I love swimming all the time.

By Von

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


On a rainy day I went swimming. It was so much fun. We had a swimming pool in the tennis courts. Our teachers in the pool were Kevin and Gillian. They were fun. We had swimming every day at 9:00am. We had the swimming pool because we needed to get some exercise and learn how to swim. We also learnt new activities to get fit. It was so, so, so, so fun.

We learned how to do some starjumps in the water. We also leaned about holding our breath. We took part in competitions like paddling backwards. My favourite part was having a test.

By Saveu


Hi, I'm Hendrix. Today for the third time Room 5 are going to swimming. The peoples names who will be there are Kevin and Gillian. They will be teaching Room 5 about swimming.

We also have free time. First of all we had to get changed quickly into our swimming gear, secondly we had to line up at the edge of the pool. Thirdly Gillian said to come to the swimming pool, one by one. Fourthly we got into the pool.

We all had a paddling board each. Fifthly we practised arm circles. We were all good at it, and Pio was not listening to Gillian because he was under the water and Gillian said to Pio "Pio, Pio can you please look at me?" Pio still was under water so Gillian went up to him and she shouted at him so Pio went out of the pool and we all wasted 5 minutes. Then Gillian said "Ok that's it Room! Get out of the swimming pool!" So all of the boys went out and got changed into our school clothes.

By Hendrix

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Best Day at Swimming

On a foggy day it was an exciting day. First we got changed. When we had all finished we went outside. It was cold and freezing. After that we went inside the tent. Gillian told us the water was so warm.

I was happy that the swimming pool was warm. So we went in. It was so warm that it made the cold go away. Gillian told us that we had a new game. Gillian said "It is like a mermaid." Then it was Anna-Lisa, Sammy and my turn. We all had a go. Gillian told us to go.

I came first, Anna-Lisa came second and Sammy was third. Meanwhile Gillian told us we had extra time. That means free time. Soon our time was finished. Gillian told us to go back to class. I was the first one to get out and I clapped Gillian's hand. I went to the classroom to get changed. After I put my school uniform on I went to get my lunch and go outside.

By Kalisi


Today at swimming, Kevin was Room 5's teacher. First at swimming Kevin asked if we had done any relays. Room 5 said "Yes!" Well, only the girls went first.

Then we got into groups. Malia, Anna-Lisa and Saveu were group 1. Lenleigh, Courtney, Von and I were group 2. Lenleigh was the first of group 2 and Saveu was the first girl of group 1, but Saveu had to go twice because there were not enough girls. I had to race Anna-Lisa. The Lenleigh had to race against Saveu. Malia had to race against Von.

The water was 18 degrees, I think. Mr Gaffney only came to check on us once. We felt raindrops. The girls and I came out to get our towels. We had been listening and we had 15 minutes of free time.

We went into the class. I thought I was the first one to get changed but suddenly I saw Kalisi coming out of the classroom. I really thought that I was the first but I was second! Anyway I ate my lunch. "The boys are in by now" I said to Kalisi. "I think they boys are having fun." I said to Kalisi.

By Teanoano

Swimming Day

On a lovely hot day Room 5 had swimming. I was so excited because it was our first time swimming for the week! We met a kind lady called Gillian. She is a lovely lady.

The first thing we had to do was change into our swimming gear. Mostly the girls wore togs and the boys wore shorts and no shirt or t-shirts.

The first lesson she taught us was to float. I had to be last because at that time I did not know how to swim or float.

Gillian said "Ok, now can you please be like a starfish? I will hold you and I wont let go!" I said "Ok." She was holding me less so I could learn how to float. After a while we had free time, I was very busy learning how to swim. That was fun. I am looking forward to swimming again.

By Samantha

My Best Day at Swimming

On a cold day at Saint Pius X Room 5 went swimming. Our teachers were Kevin and Gillian. They are the people that gave us swimming leassons.

First we got into the pool. Then we played a game. We had to hold our breath and count to five or ten. Next we each got a paddling board. We put our elbows beside our heards and our chins on our necks.

The Gillian said we can go. We all took a deep breath and put our heads down, and went to touch the other side of the pool. Once we all got to the other side of the pool, Gillian told us to do it again and we did.

Last we all had free time. Malia and I had a race. Then we all played tiggy. After that we all got one more game to play. We had to touch the bottom for as long as we could. I won. Gillian said that I was her winner and thats when we finished our swimming.

My favourite part was was when I won and when I played with my friends and Gillian.

This was the best day of my life.

By Anna-Lisa


On swimming day we got changed into our togs at 9:00am. We went from 9:00am to 10:00am every morning. We used some paddling boards to float with. We  had relays, then we had three jumps to touch the ground.

Our teachers we called Gillian and Kevin. It was a great day. The swimming pool was really cold. Then we got changed in the toilets. It was the best swimming day ever. After we finished we had morning tea.

By Pio


"Hi!" I'm going swimming on a cold day. I love swimming because it's fun. I love Kevin and Gillian because they teach us some new skills. They are the best teachers we have ever had. We went at 9:00am to 10:00am.

I love swimming because it makes me fit and I learn to swim well. We played games and we had our own paddling boards.

Room 5 had lots of fun. After that we had to change into our school uniform. It was a fun day. I love to go swimming every day because we have fun in the swimming pool. It's lots if fun. I love Kevin and Gillian because they are the best teachers in the swimming pool. I love to go swimming with Room 5.

By Alex

Swimming Day

On Monday, Room 5 went to swimming lessons. Everyone said it was cold. When we into the water it was a bit cold, but when we started doing the lessons, it started to get warmer.

First of all we used the swimming boards. Then we had to squeeze our arms behind our ears. It looked like we were stretching. We were holding our breath for a long time until we got to the end of the swimming pool. I couldn't do that because it was hard for me.

Next we learned to float on our backs. I couldn't do that because it was so hard for me. Then we floated on our tummies. That was a bit easy for me! We all had to put our chins on our chests.

Gillian pushed us along the way and we swam. Then we finished swimming.

Finially the girls went into the tent to get changed. The girls were so cold, they all put their jumpers on. I did it too. When we got out of the pool, it was cold. It was so warm in the pool, but when we got out it was cold.

By Mikaela

The Best Day at Swimming

Today was the happiest day for Room 5. It was the first day for Room 5 to swim in the swimming pool.

We got changed into our togs. We met Gilian and a man called Kevin. When I got into the pool it was warm. I was feeling good and excited.

Then Kevin gave us a floating board. When Kevin was in the pool he said 'Swim and touch every courner without your toes touching the ground of the pool. Okay.'

Then the whole of Room 5 swam as fast as we can so that we could win. After we touched all four courners we split into two groups. I was in group two with the girls and I was the only boy. Kevin said 'Touch the end of the pool.' I swam as fast as I could and came last. I was laughing. The only thing that I liked was having free time.

By Stanley

Thursday, May 16, 2013

All about me

I am  Henrietta. I have long hair. I am  eight years old and I am from Panmure. I am Tongan. The things I like to do at home are to just write about school. Things I like to do are going to the movies and watching Hairspray. My friends are Malia, Teano, Mikaela, Saveu, Kalisi, von, Alalia and Moana. What I am happy about is going for  a walk. In my family, I have a mum, a Dad and a brother and three sisters.Their names are Selaima, Latu and Mikaele Latu. Next thing I like is going for a swim. The last thing I like is riding my bike.

By  Henrietta

Friday, March 1, 2013

About Me

Things I like are listening to my teacher and going to the shop with mum. The best thing I like is learning new things and playing in the park. Things I like to do are to be good and play with my two baby sisters and I like helping my dad. Next is sports. My favourite sports are swimming, running and volleyball. I also like football and basketball. I have one big sister and two cute baby sisters. I have a mum and a dad, an aunty an uncle and a best cousin. My best friends are Von, Saveu, Analei, Malia, Henrietta, Alilia, Mikaela, Teano and Pio.
Next what makes me happy, angry and sad. What makes me happy is when people are kind and what makes me angry is when people touch me and the last one is what makes me sad is when people are being mean to me.
Finially my last one is what food I like. My best foods are vegetables, fruit, a little candy, chocolate chip cookies and some snacks.

I am a happy little girl and I love my life.

By Kalisi

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am Marcus. I am a boy. I am 8 years old. I have short hair and my hair is black. I am Samoan but I live in Glendowie in New Zealand. My favourite things are running and helping others. I like to go for a bike ride because its fun. I like to swim too. I like to play with my friends. I have a mum, dad and 4 sister in my family. I love my family so much and I love my friends too.

By Marcus

Tuesday, February 26, 2013



I am Samantha. I am 8 years old. The school I go to is St Pius X school. My friends are Samuela, Marcus, Fano, Moana, Saveu and Joseph. The foods I like are Carls Jr, chicken and rice with lettuce, McDonalds, chicken and chips, Subway and KFC. My favourite fruits are grapes, apples, pears, oranges and bananas.
In my family I have my grandma, my aunty, my uncle, my mum, my dad, my brother and my cousins. I do not like spiders, slugs, snails, rats and noisy people. I like my teacher, but I never tell. I like going to the pools, spending time with my family, playing on my bike and playing Wii sports.

By Samantha

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love playing with my friends. My friends name is Von. I like to learn at school. I like fruit. I love Maths. My cousin is Charis. He's the biggest boy. I am the biggest girl. I am the biggest out of the boys and girls. The things I like are movies. My favourite movie is Ice Age 4. I am a girl. I have short hair. I have to A's in my name. I love school. My teacher is the best. I like writing because I am doing writing now at school. My teacher is a man. There is another teacher in my class and her name is Miss Mat.

By Anna Lei

All About Me

Did you know that my name is Moana? I have 10 members in my family. Their names are Tyson, Daddy, Mummy, Granny, Papa, Stephanie, Cherish, Pahira, Tiffany and the one I lost Mawi. My face is round and bright. I have red, brown hair like autumn leaves and brilliant sparkling eyes that are brown and exquisite. The things I like are swimming like a fish, writing about adventure or reading an excellent book about chilling out in a cool summer breeze. Did you know I have 9 friends? Their names are Saveu, Kalisi, Anna-Lisa, Von, Lenleigh, Samantha, Teano, Marcus and Fanoali'i. The food I like and wouldn't leave the word without is butter chicken, ice-cream and last but not least chocolate. I am always happy to help everyone. The things that make me sad is being bullied.

By Moana

My name is Von

I love my family in Tonga because they are important to me. I like to do things like, helping my mum cleaning the room at home. I love playing with my friends at school. I love to play football with my cousins at home. I am a Tongan person and I came from Tonga. I am a very nice girl. I love myself. I like being kind to others others. I like to watch movies. I like to be kind to my favourite teacher at school. I like jump jam, and reading with my soul friend. The best thing I like best is learning.

By Von


My name is Saveu. My friends are my whole class. I feel cool. I like to go everywhere. I like to eat fruit. I like to go to places. I love my family. It is so much fun at school. I look beautiful to my mum. My family is kind to me. I like to talk to my friends. What makes me happy is when people are sharing. What makes me sad is people bullying others. My family are like my friends to me. My hair is long and brown. I love my  name. My name is my Nana's name. It is precious to me. My eyes are dark brown. I am Samoan. My Mum and Dad are Samoan. I love my country because we are allowed to walk on the road. I go to Saint Pius X School. My favourite teacher is Mr Gaffney. My best friends are Henrietta, Malia, Kalisi, Sammy, Ana Lei, Mikaela, Von and Lenleigh.

By Saveu