Friday, April 13, 2018

Hip Hop by Arvay

Every Tuesday afternoon at 12:10 we go to hip-hop in the hall. Our teacher for hip-hop is called Jess. She is very nice and lovely. Mr Gaffney comes with us.  She taught us a dance. My best friend Mele was really good at dancing. First we had we warm up. We would stretch our legs, and we shaked so we could have a rest. We played games and we had challenges. There were winners and losers. The reason why  we had hip hop it was to exercise, playing sports, to have confidence,to train,to be strong fit and healthy,and last to skills.We all finished at 11:05.Then she said we had to go to class because the bell rang.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Monday 09/04/2018
Today was a special day. Today we were learning again how to keep our Chromebooks safe. Mrs Grant came today to teach us more about keeping our Chromebooks safe. 
Lets Have a great and enjoyable last week of Term 1 with using our Chromebooks safely!

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Easter Weekend by Paula

In the  Easter holiday we went to mangere to have a feed. Then we got changed, then when we was finished we went to mangere then we got their. I saw my family, I hugged my friend then I went to play with them.

Then it was time to eat and we went inside. Then we ate cake then it was time to say bye.Then we went back home.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hip Hop by Jabez

On Tuesday we had hip hop. Hip hop is a type of dance that is mostly used nowadays. Our hip hop teacher’s  name is Jess, she also teaches other schools how to dance.

At hip hop we learnt some new movements we have never done before. One of the movements I like is ‘the wave’ where you move your arms like the waves in the ocean.

We then played a game.The game is like musical chairs but this one is when  we dance around and when Jess turns the music off we freeze. If she catches you still moving you’re out. Maraia and l  won the freeze game.

After our dance we did some stretches but before class we done some warm up too.  I think this is what the real hip hop dancers do before and after their performances.    
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In the weekend I went to Easter show with my mum,my three brothers,my two uncles and my two aunties. We had a Easter hunt and we all got heaps of eggs then we all got changed and I went for a shower because I was playing with my puppy then we went home and got our shoes and jackets, we then went back to our nana and papa’s house. After that we went to the Easter show and I was so excited,
We went to the one near green-lane hospital. Then we crossed the road and there was heaps of people there.

When we got into the gates we went on the pirate ship I went with
my auntie we were both screaming. We also went on the big slide,
then we saw some animals I had so much fun and there was that thing that you had to pop the balloon and I played it and I won and I got a big prize and then we went to go get some candy floss it's was so yum then we went back home.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hip Hop by Paula

On Tuesday we had hip hop.

We went with Room 3 then we went to sit on the
Floor. Then we stood up and we said good morning,
Then she said good morning then we stood up.
Then she told us her name jess, we then went to
play before we dance then play freeze.
Then my team lost then we went to dance.

Then we had a competition then the group won, then the bell ring then we went to class.  

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hip Hop by Kamaea

On Tuesday we had Hip Hop in the afternoon at 12:10.  Mr. Gaffney was not there. So our Teacher was Mrs. Deeney so at 12:10 we went and we saw Jess. We were so happy to see her.

So we took of our Shoes off  and when we started first we warmed up. It was so tiring but it was good exercising. We fished warm up  and we started dancing it was such fun. I love dancing with Jess. Then we played a game and my team won.

I  was soooo happy.And Jess said that she will give me and my team a prize.  And we did some more and more and more. I enjoyed myself I was excited and then we were finished and we said bye to her and put on our shoes on and went back to class.