Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Illness at Home

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My Illness at Home

Two terms ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. This is what happened.

One day I woke up and my leg was sore. It felt like someone was stabbing me. I tried to forget it but it didn't work. “Krystal, that doesn't look good,” mum said. Then mum carried me to the car. Then we went to the hospital.

My mum and I went to Starship to check if anything was wrong with my leg. The doctors put a moon boot on me, and sent us home. Then I got ready for school.

A few weeks later, my leg was sore. Luckily, my older sister told my mum to take me to the hospital again in case I might be diagnosed with rheumatic fever. We went the next day, and they said that I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. We were so lucky that they caught it so early.

I had to stay in the hospital for 2 and a half months.

On August the 4, I was allowed to go home for 3 days. But I went back to the hospital. I stayed until sunday.

Being at home:

In the beginning I slept a lot .I slept in the lounge because I wasn’t allowed upstairs.I wasn’t allowed to eat sweets and chocolate because I was sick. I don’t like vegetables because they smell funny.

When I was at home a teacher came to my house and her name is Felicity she came twice a week to help me learn.

I love tv shows and one is called Shortland Street and Sesame Street.I watched some tv shows in the afternoon.

I love going to church in a wheelchair because I get to do nothing but sometimes I get tired of sitting down then my mum tells me to get off the wheelchair and walk for a little bit then I went back on the wheelchair then we went home.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Room 3 Cricket!

Room 3 Cricket!

On Tuesday morning Room 3 had cricket. So everyone came to school. Before we came to cricket we played before school started. When the bell rang, we did the catching and the other team was throwing. It was fun catching and running. We had heaps of fun.

Then we practised underarm bowling. We were catching and some of my class was watching. We were throwing the ball at the cones. I love cricket, when we were finished coach Sahil said that my team won.

Cricket is a fun sport for me. It started raining so we came inside the classroom with coach Sahil. We watched cricket on the Activboard. Sahil picked a kids cricket program on Youtube. We watched two cricket videos and we learnt heaps of interesting stuff. We learnt heaps from cricket videos.

We were all finished and we said, “Thank You Sahil and we will see you next week”.

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By: Kamea

Friday, November 10, 2017

Art Day With Mrs. Logan!

Our Art day with Mrs. Logan

On Wednesday Mrs Logan was here. When I got in Room 3 I hanged my bag when I got out the bell rang.

When the whole class came in Mrs. Logan gave the whole class scissors and colorful paper then we cut a tiny piece and folded it again and opened and folded it. After morning tea Mrs. Logan read a story to us then we drawed a face then we wrote about the Story.

By: Maraia

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Life Story So Far!

My Life Story So Far!

My life is one of my greatest achievements.I was born out of Alice but she wasn't crying.When she was at the hospital, she asked for her own chocolate cake. She was leaving it for her own dessert. Luckily Seuati and I stole it and ate it. This was when I was just 3 years old, a very cute age for my own height, they wouldn't even measure my own height.

When I turned 4 years old Maggie bought her own computer. I forgot which month and day she bought it, my favourite game on the computer was Red Crucible Firestorm. It was a game of war and shooting as well, I played other games to, such as hacked games, robot games and transformer games. They were also one of my most favourite games of all time I think.

When I turned 5 years old on 2015 Julianna said I was ready to go school, I said “yes I am”. So it was my first time at school in the morning. I was a little bit late to school. Everyone was in the hall. I was nervous. After the line up finished Julianna told Mrs William my name. I was a little bit naughty because I did not know what to do and I was jealous.

Then I turned 6 years old.I passed Room 1 and I went to room 4. Mrs Pulotu was our teacher. There was some older kids like Alfred, Zahara and Sefopalu.Those were some of the older kids. We also played games too.

Im now 7 years old my current age i'm in. I past Room 4 and now in Room 3 with some other kids. Mr Gaffney showed us everything about his own classroom. He also showed us the marbles. If we finish the marbles he said that we will get the ice cream that his son bought for all of us. We also could get our own milkshake.

This is my story of my own life. I enjoy life so much. The thing that makes me happy is my laptop. I don’t know why.
By: Tupua
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