Monday, May 31, 2010

I Am/Poem

First Stanza
I am strong and friendly.
I wonder if I will be an All Black.
I fill my life with God and Jesus.
I see all my family with me.
I want to be a superstar.
I am strong and friendly.

Second Stanza.
I pretend to be a teacher.
I hear God saying my name.
I want to be an world famous wrestler.

I feel Jesus on my hand.
I like my brother because he is always kind to me.
I cry sometimes when my family members die.
I am a good singer.
I am strong and friendly.

Third Stanza
I understand that God is shiny.

I say my teacher is smart.
I dream about Micheal Jackson.

I try to show my teacher my best attitude.
I am strong and friendly.

By Ascott

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ascott, I love your poem about being strong and friendly! Keep up the great work! Please ask Ezra to put some of his work online. Maria (Ezra's Mum)