Monday, August 30, 2010

I love my Mum and Dad

I Love my mum and dad.

I Love my parents because they help me to do my homework.
They help me to tidy my bed.
When I am sick they give me the right things to eat and drink.
They make me feel warm. They are very special to me.
I Love my mum and dad.

I Love to Bake

I love to bake.
I love baking cookies because they smell like cookies and cream.

I love baking, so I can serve a lot of cookies, because they taste yum and tasty.

I love baking because my mum tells me to go and get my shoes and go shopping, to go and buy the ingredients.

I love to bake cakes with my mum.

I love baking cakes because I put them in the oven.
I love baking.