Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Zoo Trip

On Thursday 21st October 2010 St. Pius X students were invited to go to the zoo. We all had to pay $6.00 to go. We all had to go in groups. I went in Maria Tai’s group.

Next we all waited patiently in rows for the bus to turn up. Julia and I hopped onto the bus and sat together with Melefusi and Lose. We got there at last. We all hopped off the bus and walked toward the entrance.While we all waited, we were shivering and talking to each other.

The first animals I liked looking at, were the sea-otters swimming. They looked so cute when they got out of the water.

The second thing I liked most, were the cheetahs. They were running so fast like wild cats.

When we got back from the Auckland Zoo nearly everyone on the bus was sleeping, but we were alright. I felt so happy getting out of the soaking rain and to get home safe and sound.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your writing with us Deja, I can imagine you would have been pretty wet with all that rain that day.
    It is great to see you starting to put your ideas into paragraphs. Keep up the great writing.
    Miss G :-)