Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aussie Rules

On Tuesday afternoon Room 5 and 6 went out to the fields to learn a sport called ‘Aussie Rules.”

It was a new kiwi sport for me. I learnt how to kick the rugby shaped ball and also catch it. We played fun warm up games.

We all got into three groups and when the instructor blew the whistle we had to make a shape that they call out. My favourite shape was making a tower. It was hard but fun.

After our warm up games we got into our serious mode to play ‘Aussie Rules.’ I was in the “Tigers” and we played against the “Lions.” It was a long and hard game but at the end we lost.

Aussie Rules is an awesome game and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope we can play this more often.

By Valenisia


  1. Awesome writting Valenisia. I've always wanted to try play Aussie Rules and hopefuly one day i can experience what you have. keep up the good work.
    Andrew =)

  2. Great to see you all learning a new sport Valenisia. My Mum (Mrs Gleeson) is an Australian and so my family know what Aussie Rules is, it has quite a bit of skill to it.
    I look forward to hearing about your progress with learning the rules and skills of the game.

    Miss G :-)

  3. Great writing, Valenisini. I also love Aussie Rules and actually saw a game in Australia a few years ago.