Monday, July 4, 2011

Playing Sprots (persuasive writing)

Statement: I think all children must play sports.

I believe that all children should play sports so they can be a champion sports player.

I believe that all children must all play sports so they can get energy and also get slim.

We all can play sports because it is good, we can be strong and have abbes and muscles.

It is so healthy to play sports and you can be a good famous player forever.

Reading Books (Persuasive Writing)

Firstly, everybody wants to read books so they can be clever. It is important so you can improve your reading.
Secondly, a good Speller can Read hard books. They can Read more so you can be a Good Speller.
Thirdly Children Should Read books so they can learn and speak well.
Finally People can achievement their Goals.
Their Parents can be proud of their work.
Conclusion I think every body in the world should Read books.