Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marble Jar Celebration

In the holidays Sally, Aunty Lizzy and I went to a Café in Greerton. It was called “The Pantry Café.” I’ve been there twice already.

Sally is my cousin and Aunty Lizzy is my mum’s twin sister, so we get to go and visit them every holidays. But sometimes they come to our house.

The reason why we went there is because we both have marble jars. We all have things we have to do to fill our marble jars. When we do those things we get a marble. When our marble jars are filled, we get a toy or something that we want, or we get to go somewhere with Mum or Dad.

Sally filled her marble jar to the top, so she wanted me to come along as well.

When we got to the “The Pantry Café” Sally and I chose what we wanted and ordered. Sally and I chose Raspberry Cheesecake and Caramel Fudge. While Aunty Lizzy was ordering, Sally and I chose a drink. We both chose “Coke.”

After we had ordered, Aunty Lizzy told Sally and I to go and find a table to sit at. We chose a table with the two spinning chairs. So Aunty Lizzy said that she would sit at another table.

A little while later I walked to Aunty Lizzy’s table and said, “My stomach hurts Aunty Lizzy!” So she said, “Okay,” so I went back to our chairs.

Soon Aunty Lizzy came to Sally and I and said, “I’m just going down the road to look for some shoes, to buy for Sally, but I’ll be back soon, okay?” So she went.

When she got back, she hadn’t found any suitable shoes and she said, “It was time to go!”

Later on when we had arrived home, Sally and I went outside and started talking to each other, because we were going back to Auckland that day.

Finally we were on our way back to Auckland!!!
I really enjoyed Sally’s marble jar celebration.