Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Last Swimming Day

Today after Morning Tea 5a swimming group had to go to the pool. We had our togs, towels and caps. Then to line up near the gate and we went inside. We put our towels on the fence which surrounds the pools and put our feet in the warm water in a bucket. We walked up the stairs and went in the pool. When we got into the pool it was warm. We all played a game called 'Salmon- Says.' After our teacher Mr Burton said "Salmon says walk to the side of the wall and put our back on the wall." We played the alphebet game. This is how you play it. If Mr Burton says the leter of your name, you go to the other side of the pool. Then we went back at the other side and we played, 'Captains coming.' Left is port and right is starboard. Then we went outside and went to class.

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