Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alecia - Howler Monkey report

In room 5 we have been learning about Report Writing . We have done research and a report about an animal which we found from the books in the library. Here is my report.

A Howler is a type of monkey. There are many different species, or kinds, of monkeys. All monkeys belong to one of two groups; New World Monkeys or Old World Monkeys. Howlers are in the New World Monkey group.
A Howler Monkey looks like a monkey; they have four legs and one long tail. Some have black eyes some have brown. Some Howlers look like they have big wide mouths some have small. Some look big, others look small. Most look thin but some are fat. Most have hair some have none.
 Howlers live in North America, Central America, South America, Mexico and South eastern Brazil. Howlers are from rain forests, thorny forests, swamp forests, misty forests high in the mountains. They are also from old-growth forests and mountain forests. It lives in trees. Howlers have leaders. We have no monkeys in New Zealand because it is cold and they will die. People have been hunting Howler Monkeys for so long, now they are endangered. They are not safe. People are now trying to look after them because they could become distinct. 
Even today, scientists are discovering new species. They are gradually learning more and more about how new world monkeys live. As people get to know more about new world monkeys’ people hope that they will be protected.

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  1. Hi Alecia, I love your Report about the Howler Monkey. I especially Like how you explain about the Howler Monkey. Keep up the great work From your sister Sonya.