Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apple poem Victoria

In room 5 we have been learning about poems. These are our Fruit poems which we have been working on recently.
             Healthy Apples.
A-Apples are healthy and make you strong.
P-Pick a sweet apple and take it along.
P- Pick some apples from the tree and you feel healthy.
L- I love apples especially on my waffles
E- Eat as many apples as you can and you won’t be an old sick caveman.
S- Some apples are old but my apples are as good as gold.


  1. Wow Victoria I really liked the Poem you wrote about Apples. I love the ryming words that you were using in your poem I really enjoyed reading it, Keep the good work up, Nest time you should but more ryming words in it.

  2. Wow that was good I read your apple poem.I really like how you change the apple to be you poem.
    You have done well and a good jop.