Friday, November 9, 2012

Basketball Patrick

On a very exciting Tuesday morning we saw two tall men they looked famous. The coaches were Coach Bruce and Wayne. First our coaches put us with the cone I was in the green team our leader was Talita. First the coaches went through some skills. 

We had to dribble the ball around the cone and back and give it to the next person then they go. After the coaches said to us to name our teams and our team was Breakers and the other teams were Warriors, Barbydolls and Chicago Bulls.

Mean While we played a a game, when you have 3 teams on the wright side and 2 teams on the other side, then you have 3 chances at shotting in to the hoop. Then you give the ball to the other person there was this other new game you have to get your colour cone. I was very excited this was a good BasketBall Leason. After That we had morning tea.

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