Thursday, November 22, 2012

Joshua- Cricket

                                                     Cricket with Coach Sid

On a beautiful morning we saw Sid setting up the balls and cones. We were looking forward to what was going to happen. We were going to the tennis courts to practise some cricket.

Later on we saw this tall man with cricket equipment. After that he told Room 5, hi name is Coach Sid

Soon we went in to the tennis courts and did some warm ups. Later on we went into teams of six. After that we started the game. The first person in the front runs and puts the ball on the cone; the next person gets the ball back. Everyone gets a turn.

Next we went to the field and played some “real” cricket. One team was fielding and the other team was batting. Mr Sid asked us “How many balls are there?” we said “Six balls”. After that Sid said “First two get up and bat”. When we were playing someone from the field said “Stop!. So Sid threw the ball high and we needed to count up to 20, until the ball would come back to Sid.

At last we went back to class and had our lunch. We all enjoyed cricket even though sometimes I don’t like cricket. We have a good Coach that’s named Sid. We had a wonderful day.

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