Thursday, December 6, 2012

Patrick - Thank you Letter

       Thank You Letter
Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for all your lovely books you have given to us. They are all lovely books.
“My name is Patrick I am 8 years old and I’m in Room 5 St Pius X Catholic School”.  My Favourite subject is reading. Reading is good for me because, when I am reading a book I have to know the words.
“My Favourite book is Bakugan Vexos vs Resistance”.   I like this book because all the Bakugans are powerful and strong. In the book Dan has a Bakugan called Drago, Dan and Drago had a battle with Spectria, Spectria has a Bakugan called Helios.
I like Duffy books because they help me to read. When I read and I don’t know the meanings of the words I look it up in the Dictionary.
Thanks again for all your lovely duffy books.
God bless you may you have safe journeys and Merry Christmas.
From Patrick Year 4 

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