Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All About Me

Did you know that my name is Moana? I have 10 members in my family. Their names are Tyson, Daddy, Mummy, Granny, Papa, Stephanie, Cherish, Pahira, Tiffany and the one I lost Mawi. My face is round and bright. I have red, brown hair like autumn leaves and brilliant sparkling eyes that are brown and exquisite. The things I like are swimming like a fish, writing about adventure or reading an excellent book about chilling out in a cool summer breeze. Did you know I have 9 friends? Their names are Saveu, Kalisi, Anna-Lisa, Von, Lenleigh, Samantha, Teano, Marcus and Fanoali'i. The food I like and wouldn't leave the word without is butter chicken, ice-cream and last but not least chocolate. I am always happy to help everyone. The things that make me sad is being bullied.

By Moana

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