Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My name is Saveu. My friends are my whole class. I feel cool. I like to go everywhere. I like to eat fruit. I like to go to places. I love my family. It is so much fun at school. I look beautiful to my mum. My family is kind to me. I like to talk to my friends. What makes me happy is when people are sharing. What makes me sad is people bullying others. My family are like my friends to me. My hair is long and brown. I love my  name. My name is my Nana's name. It is precious to me. My eyes are dark brown. I am Samoan. My Mum and Dad are Samoan. I love my country because we are allowed to walk on the road. I go to Saint Pius X School. My favourite teacher is Mr Gaffney. My best friends are Henrietta, Malia, Kalisi, Sammy, Ana Lei, Mikaela, Von and Lenleigh.

By Saveu

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