Friday, March 1, 2013

About Me

Things I like are listening to my teacher and going to the shop with mum. The best thing I like is learning new things and playing in the park. Things I like to do are to be good and play with my two baby sisters and I like helping my dad. Next is sports. My favourite sports are swimming, running and volleyball. I also like football and basketball. I have one big sister and two cute baby sisters. I have a mum and a dad, an aunty an uncle and a best cousin. My best friends are Von, Saveu, Analei, Malia, Henrietta, Alilia, Mikaela, Teano and Pio.
Next what makes me happy, angry and sad. What makes me happy is when people are kind and what makes me angry is when people touch me and the last one is what makes me sad is when people are being mean to me.
Finially my last one is what food I like. My best foods are vegetables, fruit, a little candy, chocolate chip cookies and some snacks.

I am a happy little girl and I love my life.

By Kalisi