Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On a hot sunny day room 5 went to Badminton. First of all Robbie introduced himself. Next we got into a line. Then we a racquet and a shuttle cock. After that we had a warm up game. Then we learned how to hit the ball. We played hit the racket back hand serve. I think I did quite well. After that we played a game it was fun. Room 5 all had a turn at hitting the racquet and the shuttle cock. After all of that we had to sit. Then we turned around and got ready to play on the nets. We had to pick a partner and I picked Malia. It was so fun playing with Malia. Finally we gathered together and said “Good bye 
Robbie.” It was so so sad that we did not get any more Badminton!   

By Saveu      


  1. I like your use of adjectives to help build a picture for me of what happened.

  2. Jane
    hi saveu it Jane here.I am nice to see you writing on the blog so I can see it.I love your adjectives that you write.