Monday, September 9, 2013

Saint Pius Feast Day


It was a mild sunny day. Today was St Pius Feast day.

First we had lined up outside the classes and had said our school prayer.

When we had finished we all put our hands together for Church. Then we started to walk to our school Church.

To start off with we listened to what Father had to say. Next we had some readings from the bible. Following this, we sang some songs that was very comforting to some people who love those kind of songs.

At the final point the Mass was just about to finish.

Finally we did the bread and wine. Some people did not take the bread and wine and some people did.

The best thing I liked about Mass was that we all got together.

By Moana

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  1. Hi Moana this is your sister I love your beaning and your end i love how you thought about when people toke the bread and the wine.
    LOVE IT!!!!