Monday, March 17, 2014

My wonderful holiday - Vanessa

In the holidays Joanna,Stephanie, nana and I went to  Fairfield primary school. When we got there we went to find Joanna's class. When we got there I saw her teacher, her name was Mrs Mc Queen. We were so happy to meet her. After we meet her teacher we walked over to the office to get Joana's stationary. When we had bought the stationary we were given a box full of station, we checked inside the box to see whether all of the stationary was inside the box. She got Poem book, Math book, Note book, Reading book, Bookbag and a Folder. When finished getting the stationary we went back to the car and went back home.


  1. Hi Vanessa

    what I like about your story is that you told us what happened,and not listing what happened at every second or minute also next time please spell my teacher name right you spell it worry it is Mrs Mac Queen I think spell it worry because you thought was Miss Mc Queen it is Mrs Mac queen you see the Letter A is silent. Well just up the good work.

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    I like the way that you tried your best to write this story and I really liked it. Next time read over your story and check the mistakes that you wrote. Good luck next time.