Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am Maris-Stella

I am clever

I wonder if I going to go heaven or not

I hear strange noises around me
I see a ghost
I want an Iphone
I am clever and wonderful

I pretend I have banana wings
I feel God in my heart
I touched an Ipad
I worry about my brother being lost
I cry when I'm afraid
I am clever and wonderful

I understand God's word
I say God's prayers
I dream of being in Heaven with Melefusi Fisiihoi
I try my best at school
I hope I find my pencil case
I am clever and wonderful


  1. I think you are clever and wonderful as well, Maris Stella although I don't know about your banana wings.

  2. Hello Stella I like your story it is awesome I liked the sentence you wrote.
    By Stanley