Monday, June 30, 2014

A Good Friend- Jerome

What is a good friend?

A good friend says kind and nice words to you to make you happy. A good friend never punches you, kicks you, or pokes the fingers at you. A good friend always tries not to be mean. I am always happy with my friends. Good friends share with each other and play respectfully with each other. My best friend is Mackey.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Joseph Gymnastics

On Tuesday my class and I went to learn some Gymnastics. Our teacher was Flaminio. He is from Brazil but he sounds Italian

In the first week we were told to divide the class into two groups. I was in group 2. We went to circuit number 2. In circuit number 2 there was a lot of exercises to do. We did all the exercises then we had to go back to class.

In the next week we played "Stuck in the Mud". There were two taggers and they had to try to tag the whole class. Who ever was tagged had to stand still until they were tagged again by another person in their team. After playing "Stuck in the Mud" we started exercising we did the 1 shape, Pike shape and Diamond shape.

Thank you Flaminio for teaching us Gymnastics

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Holiday - Mikaela

My Exciting Holiday

On my holiday my two aunties, mum and I went to Kohimarama Beach.

When we arrived at the beach it was very hot so  all we had a splash in the water. When we felt we had enough of swimming we went and built sandcastles. It was fun. My two aunties called Maryann and Raymona picked up lots of seashells to add to the sandcastles we made. Also I thought in my mind that there was a hundred seashells in my purple bucket.

Last of all we did cartwheels lots of times on the sand. First my aunty Maryann did a cartwheel, then my older aunty Raymona and I did the same.

We had a wonderful time at the beach and I hope we go again in the next holiday

             By Mikaela

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am Viane

I am Viane 


I wonder if I could be kind to people
I hear birds singing sweetly to me
I see people enjoying themselves swimming in the beach
I want happiness and no bullying
I am clever and fast
I pretend to fly with my friend Samuel
I feel happy coming to me
I touch Jesus in my heart
I am worried because I might get into trouble
I cried when my mum died
I am clever and fast
I understand that God tells what to do

I say I love you Mum
I dream to be a superhero
I try to do my best and ignore my friends
I hope to get a good report
I am clever and fast

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alex's Soul Friend

My Soul friend is 12 years old, she is kind and her favourite book to read is "The Wizard Of Oz". My Soul friend's name is Lose.

Her favourite sport is Netball. She loves Netball because she is good at getting the ball in the hoop. Lose's favourite movie is "White Chicks" she likes this movie because it is very funny. Her favourite singer is Bruno Mars'. Lose likes crunchy, juicy watermelons and she always has mango are drink.

Lose's best friend is Deja. Deja and Lose have gone to the same school since kindergarten and they both go to the same primary.