Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gymnastics - Moana

On a beautiful Tuesday morning my friends and I were buzzing with excitement. We were excited because we were gonna be learning Gymnastics. 

After morning tea we had five minutes to get changed into our P.E clothes. After getting our P.E clothes on we were off to the Saint Pius hall. 

First we met our new coach, Mr Flaminio. Mr Flaminio sounds Italian but he is Brazilian. He is a nice coach but he wasn't happy with  our behavior, too many of the students in room 3 were not listening to his instructions. When everyone started listening, Mr Flaminio got us to get into groups. When we were in groups we had to stand in a line from tallest to shortest.

In our groups we had to go to exercise stations. In the first station we had to roll onto our back, get up and hop side to side. The second station had a plank. We had to walk on the plank, it was fun. When we swapped stations we got muddled up in our groups, we were bumping into each other. Bumping into each other hurt but it was funny.

When we finished all the stations we were tired. Before we left we thanked Mr Flaminio for teaching us new skills. I like Gymnastics because it helps keep me fit.

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  1. Hi Moana
    You have used some really good language to tell us about your gymnastics. I especially liked the way you have told us how you felt and not just what you did. That is exactly how you make the writing more interesting and enjoyable for the reader. Well done.