Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Olidah

One afternoon during the holiday I went to Rainbow's End. It was my mum's birthday. First of all we had to get the lunch ready. We had to cook the meat on the Barbeque. We also had a cake. My mum's cake was chocolate with pink Icing. After we ate it was time to go on the rides. First of all I went to the Log Ride. I had to go with my brother so that he could look after me. When I hopped in side the log it started to move, I was very excited. When we were near the end we went really fast it was like  going down a Waterfall. When we were done with the rides we went back to eat the food with my cousins. My favourite food that night was the chicken. My mum was really lucky because she had two cakes, one from my dad and one from my cousin. After eating we had to pack our stuff and go home. 

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