Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Katelyn

In the holiday I went to Rotorua with my brother, sister, mum and dad. We drove there in a car. It was a long drive. When we got to Rotorua we had to go get the key for the house we were staying in from the petrol station. Then we to go looked for the house. The next day we went to the Luge. We first had to go to the top on the Gondola. When we got to the top we were given helmets. I got the blue helmet. We had to line up to go on the carts. I had to go with my mum because I wasn't old enough to go by myself. My mum and I went down the slow lane. Heaps of people were going past us. People were getting stuck. When we got to the end of the track we had to go back up on a swing. You had to jump to get on to the swing. My mum was scared because the swing was too high. When we got to the top we went back. This time we went a little bit faster then the last time, it was fun! When we went back to the top again we went to the Jelly bean store. I saw a picture of Harry Potter made out of Jelly beans. After the Luge we went to watch a Space Movie. After the movie went had Ice-cream, then we went home.

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