Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival Good Better Butter

This year we have been learning about milk and the products which are made from milk. This movie features the students of Room 3 making butter. Check out the steps involved in making butter. We hope you enjoy our movie. We love getting feedback, so please leave a comment.


  1. Hi Room 3,
    I enjoyed watching your movie at the Film Festival. It was great to see you all working as a team to make the butter. I liked how your movie was able to tell a story of how the butter was made. I'm glad we can buy our own butter now, without being able to make it.
    Keep up the great learning,
    Miss Paton

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  3. Hello Room 3!
    I really like watching how you make butter.
    In the movies it looked very cool!
    I wish I could taste the butter you've made:)
    Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Hi Room 3,
    You sure did learn a lot there, Your movie just made me hungry. Well done in your movie. keep up with the great learning

  5. Hi Room 3, Great movie. It was very detailed and you must of had a great time making butter. You shared your learning in a great way.

    Keep up the good work

  6. Hi Room 3.
    I really liked watching your movie.Because it was great to show you can make your own Butter from Fresh Cream.It was also great teamwork put forward to complete the task you had.
    Keep up with the awesome learning.

  7. Hi Room 3,
    Your movie was really interesting. Its cool how you guys made your very own butter. Keep the good work up.

  8. Hello Room 3 :)
    I liked your movie so much. I enjoyed watching you all make butter, especially working as a team. I think that your movie taught me a lot about milk, and butter. Thank you all for sharing your learning with me.

  9. Hi room 3,

    I loved your movie it was very cool. I like the way you explained how to make butter. Keep up the good work.

  10. Hello Room 3.
    I really enjoyed watching you make Butter from Fresh Cream.
    Keep up the Good Learning

  11. Hi Room 3,
    I really liked your movie, because it showed everyone how you made butter, i never knew it was that easy! Great teamwork, and hope to see more movies from you:)

  12. Hello Room 3,
    I enjoyed your movie so much that I felt like eating butter. The information you've provided has helped me understand more about where butter comes from, and how it's made. Thank you so much for sharing your learning with me. ^.^

  13. Great movie room 3 I wonder if you could make a butter store. Well done room 3 I love your movie

  14. Hello room 3 I really like the way you did your movie it was an amazing movie and I like how you guys made nice butter.

  15. Well done room 3 it was awesome watch use making your
    own kind of butter keep it up room 3

  16. Hey room 3, I really enjoyed your guys movie. That is a nice way to save a lot of money!!
    Keep up the good work room 3 :)

  17. Hello Room 3.
    Looks like a Awesome learning experience with the things you made in this Movie.
    Well done on your creative thinking in doing your movie.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Hey room 3,
    I liked your movie about turning milk into butter. I am sure it was very tasty with your bread. It show that you don't need to go to the shop and buy butter. keep up the good work Room 3!!!

  19. Hi Room 3
    your movie is great.
    I have learnt how to make butter.

  20. Hello Room 3,
    I enjoyed watching your movie, I love how you guys explain how to make butter. Next time I am looking forward to see you guys make another movie next year..

  21. good work room 3 it toot me how to make better

  22. I really enjoyed watching this video. This looks like fun. I wish I did this experience with you guys. Well done keep it up room three

  23. Hello room 3. Your class has made a great movie about making butter. It looks delicious I really wish I could have some of your butter on some bread. Keep up the good work room 3.

  24. Hi Room 3,
    I really enjoyed your movie. This is a good way of saving money. Keep up the good work.