Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why I like school?

My name is Annalisa. I am eight years old and this is why I love school. Firstly it is because of the people, they are really nice and friendly. you can trust them and play with them. When I get muddy or wet they provide me with nice dry clothes.

School is important because you learn how to read and write. I love to learn about God and to follow in his foot steps. I also love learning about math I like to learn about multiplication. I like writing because I can let my imagination go wild and if I dream about stuff I write it down  in  my special book .  My school is called St. Pius X Catholic school. Our school motto is "advance in Faith, Hope and Love". I love school because it also provides me with milk, bread and fresh fruit. It also has a breakfast club for people who forget to have breakfast or can’t afford breakfast at 8 in the morning.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Slade. Mr. Gaffney helps me with my e-learning and Mr. Slade is a fun and active teacher who likes to play outside. Mr. Gaffney and all the teachers in Saint. Pius x school never gives up on teaching me.

I mostly like the music room because I like to sing and play music. I like making up my own rhythm. I also like the netbooks and the ipads I like to play on the on netbooks and ipads because it is fun.


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