Friday, November 14, 2014

Why I love school?

Today I am going to tell you why I love school. There are many reasons why I love school so lets get started!

I love school because every week we have exercise in the hall which helps keep us fit. Exercise in the hall is also very fun when doing it with friends.

Another reason is its good learning about Jesus. I like learning about how Jesus  suffered for us on the cross. I also love reading the Bible, because I can learn how to follow in Jesus' footsteps and learn about how he lived.

I love school because we get to make Butter and Jelly. It is good to learn to make food because one day I can cook for my family without getting hurt by the stove or hot water.

I love school because I can be with my friends and I can make new friends. They are real blessing to me. My friends always help me when I feel sad and they share their lunch with me when I have nothing to eat.

I like learning about the world and the stages I am going to be in life. The best part about school is learning. I love school.

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