Friday, April 24, 2015

Get Wise

On Monday 09 March a stranger came into Room 3 and introduced himself. His name was Evan from ASB bank. He had a big black bag with fake money. We were going to play three fun games. First we had to guess the values of the fake money. There was one lost note. Evan couldn't find it. He also taught us about Eftpos cards and Credit cards. An Eftpos card uses your money when a Credit card uses the bank's money. Next Evan got us to face him. So we did. After that Evan said he was going to travel as fast as a Cheetah back in time. We went to the Caveman time where Evan taught us how Cavemen used to get food without using money. Caveman use to try to kill a hairy Mammoth and try to get the tusks off and trade for some food like Fish, fresh meat, Tiger skin or even sharp knives. Eventually we got to Pirate times. Evan told us how the Pirates use to keep their money safe without using the back. Pirates bury the Gold on a deserted island. That was the end of our journey back in time, but the fun did not end. Evan told us to make three line in front of Jerome, Dianne and me. Evan gave us three some fake money and gave the people in  front of us cups. We had to give the money to the people in front of us and they had to give us back the cups. When Evan had to leave, we all had said "goodbye " and "thank you" and we went back to work. I thought we had a fun journey with Evan.

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