Friday, May 1, 2015

A Day With My Family

In the morning my family decided to go to Rainbow's End. We went in dark blue van. It was near Theme Park. We got there and we had to pay.We got these wristbands and a map so we could know where to go.First we went to the Kids Kingdom.There was a train called the The Choco Express. It felt like we were gonna vomit .After that we went went to the Pirate Ship. It was was swinging back and forth. It felt like the ship was gonna go off. They stopped it and I went off and next we went to the Scorpion Karts. We were racing, we came in first place. Later we went to the Bumper Karts. There were two seats. We were bumping people off. We did a drift. Then we went to the Movie Master. We were watching Ice Age. When the Penguin went down, the chairs went down aswell. The movie was in 3D. It was me and my little brother and my big brother. We went to the Fear Fall. We went all the way to  the top, until we could see everybody. When we went down it was scary, after that we went home.

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