Thursday, May 28, 2015

Duffy assembly

On Tuesday Saint Pius X school went to a Duffy assembly in the school hall. There were some guests who came with Mr Coakley. The guest's names were Mary, Peter one, Peter two and Peter. We had to stand for the nation Anthem. When our beautiful singing was done we walked across the hall and sat down.
The guests were going to do a play. Mary had to choose the people to be in the play. Mary chose Justin, Hola, Dianne, Alan, Maris-Stella, Pio, Paul, Courtney and I. Maris-Stella, Alan, Justin, Courtney and I were Cows. Pio, Hola and Paul were the judges. Pio pretended to play a fake guitar. We lived happily ever after. That was the best Duffy assembly because we were in the play. 

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  1. Nice writing, Laki. I also enjoyed the play because I was in it as well. I am glad you have been able to put your writing on the class blog.