Friday, May 8, 2015

Golf - First Tee

On Wednesday room 3 went to the Tennis Courts. First the boys had to line up. Coach gave the boys a bouncy ball. The coach gave the ball to Aaliyah, she had to share the ball with the rest of the girls. The boys ran and passed the ball if they dropped the ball they would have to do 2 push ups. When the boys finished it was our turn if we dropped the ball we had to do 3 push-ups, we dropped the ball twice. After both the boys and girls had a turn both the girls and boys got another turn. Coach said "Well done girls" because we didn't drop the ball once in our second turn.

In the next game we had to use a Hockey stick to hit the ball into the hoop, the hoop was down on the ground. Firstly we had to hit a tennis ball in to the hoop. The second one was harder because  we had hit a bigger ball into the hoop. The third and fourth  was the hardest because we had to hit a Sticky ball slowly so it would stick on the Velcro. The fourth was kind of like the third one but it was shaped differently. My friend Helena she got the ball into the hoop and she told Mr Gaffney. Mr Gaffney took a photo of Helena. I tried to do it and I did. I told my teacher and he also took a photo of me. Mr Gaffney said "well done". The last step I had to try 3 times. I was so happy when I got the fourth ball in. When we went back to class I said to Helena " That was fun".  

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