Friday, May 1, 2015


On a rainy day, room 3 and Mr Gaffney went inside the hall because we were going to play Golf with our coach. Our coach's name is Stu. The first thing we did was to jump in the hoops and run. After that all the girls had to race and the boys had to race too. The next day we went on the field to play Golf again. We were in different groups. I was in Helena's and Akesa's group. We hit the ball with the Golf Club and shot it at the target the last day we went to the field again. We had to line up because we had to run in to the ladder. The first thing we did was to line up in different groups. After we shot the ball we put the Golf Club inside the Safety Zone. On Wednesday we went to the field for the last time. We had to hold the tee with the Golf ball on top of it. We were in different groups again. I was in Helena's group but George was being mean to us. So I changed to a different group. I held the Golf Club and shot it at the field. Sia had a shot too. I wish I can play Golf again. I really like Golf. When I grow up I will be a Golf player. 

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