Monday, May 11, 2015

My Wonderful Holiday

On Saturday I went with my mum to Point England in our car to see the Kids Safety program, from the newsletter. When we got there we sat in the shade. while we were there I asked mum if I could play on the big slide. There were a lot policemen there. After that I went for a swim. There were lifeguards at the beach. I spoke to some life guards. I was cold. The water was freezing.
After that I went back to my mum. I wore some police clothes because my mum let me wear it. I took a photo of myself and my friend Maea. Maea asked my mum for our phone number. After seeing Maea we went to the shop to eat and drink because I was hungry. When we got home I went for a shower. When I finished I started to fall asleep.   

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