Friday, July 3, 2015


On Wednesday we jogged to the field to go to Golf. Our coach was Coach Stu. We were split into two groups. We were each numbered, Rosiephine was number 1 Aaliyah was number 2 then I was number 3. There were 3 bases there, base 1, base 2, and base 3. One group had to catch the ball and give the ball back to Coach Stu. The other group had to run to each base then had to go back to their group. When we were on the court we had an obstacle course. The obstacle course was we had to throw the Golf ball into the Hula-Hoop. The next obstacle was that we had to hit the netball with the Hockey stick into the Hula-Hoop. The third course we had to hit the netball into a triangle target. I hit the netball and it was stuck. The final course was a fence with a targets at the bottom and the top. The hole at the bottom was easier because it was closer. The target at the top was hard because I kept hitting the ball over the target.
When we finished the course we shook hands with Coach Stu and we had to look him in the eye. When Coach Stu said "thank you" I said "Cheers". We then went back to the classroom.


  1. Nice writing, George. You have given me a good idea about what you did at the golf lesson with Coach Stu. I especially like the part about looking him in the eye when shaking hands.

  2. Thoroughly explained and keep up the good work George.