Friday, December 4, 2015


On Tuesday in the afternoon Room 3 went to swimming. We have swimming on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. When all of Room 3 went we were swimming in the pool at the tennis court. The people without swimming togs didn't swim. Everyone got changed in the tent next to the swimming pool. When we were changed we went into the pool. The instructors were waiting for us in the pool. There was a rope in the middle of the pool and there was an instructor on each side. The instructors names were Emma and  Joesph. They taught us how to Stream Line. Stream-Line is when you put your hands up in the air and dive into the water. They also taught us to Back-Stream, that is when you lay down and float into the water to the other side of the pool.

I learnt a lot from Emma and Joesph. Near the end of swimming we played Bull-Rush in the pool. Playing the games was my favourite part. When we finished we went back to the tent to get changed and went back to the classroom.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your swimming, Jerome.

  2. Dear Jerome I really like the way you talked about your swimming lesson, I hope that we get another chance to swim. Goodbye. Seuati