Friday, March 18, 2016


In the hall Room 3 did Gymnastics. Thomas showed us the first part. He had to do a Bunny Hop he had to hold for as long as he could. Thomas couldn't hold. After  that he had to do Bunny-Hops over the cones. He had to put his hands in the hoop and Bunny hop over the red cone. Next he had to do the harder Bunny Hops over the blue cones. He did the same thing as well.
Later on Thomas did backward crawling on the benches. He also did Zig-Zag Hopping over the cones. At the end Thomas fell down, everyone laughed. Silia did the second course. She did Bunny Hops and Forward Rolls. She also did Handstands and jumped onto the platform and jumped off into her landing stance. She then ram to the Skipping Rope and she had to do five or ten skips. Then is was my turn to do the third obstacle course. I did a Forward Roll on the triangle sponge. Then I did jumping on the blue platform. I had to jump on then jump off backwards then Bunny- hop. Lastly I had to put my feet on the table and have my hands on the mat.
I love to do gymnastics because I love fitness and I do lots of hard work.

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  1. gymnastics,im so impressed to there becaue at the young age they like the fitness in body.