Friday, March 11, 2016

Hiking Trip

On bright, cold morning my dad, mum and I were going hiking. We packed our bags and put it in the car's trunk and went hiking. By the time we got there we went to a man, he showed us how to follow the map for the hiking track. The man told us there a different colours for each level. The man also showed these electronic sticks, he showed us how to use them. While we were on the track we saw a wild Deer. After an hour there was this long brown grass and it was very hard to electronic stick. We looked everywhere for the stick. When we found the stick I ran and I put the card into the stick. Later we went to a t.v which showed us how long we had left until we reach the end. We came second to last. We talked again with the man from the beginning of track and then left home.

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