Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My adventure

In the afternoon there were two kids walking in the forest. They were doing their exercises. Their names were Siu and Mira. While they were running they reached a two way they didn't know where to go, left or right. They decided to take the left pathway. Siu and Mira were lost, they were scared. They reached reached a lake, Siu and Mira refilled their water bottles. Mira went for a swim, she didn't know that there were Sea Snakes and Crocodiles in the lake. She got a big fright when she heard a really big splash. Siu and Mira ran far away from the lake. When they were safe Siu built a big house out of leaves and sticks. They stayed there for three days. Later that night Siu and Mira noticed some light, they followed the light. When they reached the light it was the police. Siu and Mira were now safe.

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