Friday, April 1, 2016


Every Tuesday we always have Gymnastics, so we can get fit and healthy.
We have a coach his name us Jerron. He also has a helper and her name is Kate. They are both from America.
Firstly we started to do shapes. We did L shape, The Straddle shape and lots of other shapes.
Secondly, Jerron showed us how to do the obstacles. He showed us the Bunny hops, Handstand and the Cartwheels.
The people that were in my team were Silia, Akesa, Thomas, Dianne, Kalise and Christopher. I loved doing the handstands and the skipping ropes. But I had a problem, I had an argument with malia. I didn't mean to make her cry. But I said sorry so she forgave me and she said sorry too.
Lastly Jerron showed us a cool trick with the hoops. He rolled the hoop to the wall then it rolled back to him.
When Gymnastics was finished we went back to class and we did prayer time.

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