Monday, April 11, 2016

My Long Weekend

On Easter Sunday we camped at this place when I woke up all I see is everyone walking around.Then we had to go home and change. So we can go Church.we were white and black clothes to Church. When we got there everyone was inside singing.

We had to stand up and sing Tongan songs.The first song was easy to sing. But the other songs were a little hard to sing because it had a lot of words. Then everyone in our Church went to one side. We all had to sing the song that we chose.

When Church finished we all went in groups. I was in group 3 some other people came in group 3.After that we had to chose a song we all knew.Once we all chose a song we had to tell the person the leader our song.When we finished telling her we went to go to our cousins house.

When we got there we saw everyone in our group.My Cousin and Me were going to go inside there house.But Malakai said come back you guys.So we had to go back to them.When my Uncle said we go we had to go then he said we will go now.

So we went inside and said when we got inside we saw his lovely house it had computer chairs,couch,pillows,pictures,windows. Next our Aunty ask us if we were thirsty most said yes thank you some said no thank you we sang a in tongan.

When it was finish some of us got apples.My Cousin and my Sister wanted my apple. We all had to share our apple’s.My Cousin said let’s go burger King to get 8 icecreams with his own money.We were all happy   Hola planed to say thank you when all get our ice cream or when she says 1 2 3.But we said it when we got our ice cream.When we got back we had a feast we had pizza,chop siui,.Then we left on Easter Monday.  

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