Monday, May 30, 2016

Mother's Day Letter

Today i want to tell you that you are the best mum I’ve ever seen you are a beautiful lady.I also want to tell you that i love you because you always take me where i like to go. I really love you and will always love you.
I want to thank you for taking me places and buying me
wonderful clothes and for buying me delicious food. Thank you for buying me shoes.
I really enjoy the times when we always went to red rat and when we went on trains. I also really enjoyed that day on my birthday. I really enjoyed it on the twins birthday as well.
I would like to travel around the world with you and take you where you would  like to go. I would also like to take you to get a new car.


  1. Good job Lili. I like the way you said thank you to your mum for everything she has done for you. I like the way you used fullstops instead of commas. I think you need to work on changing your lower case "i" into an upper case "I".

  2. Hi Lili,
    I really liked how you made a Mothers Day writing for your mother.
    I wrote one for my mother as well.
    Please check your capital letters.

    Keep up with the fantastic work.

  3. hi Lily
    I like how you made your Mother day writing for your mother but I like how you are going with your mother and buying shoes and clothes and how you say to your mother that you like your mother very much.