Monday, November 14, 2016

Etuale's Olympic Writing

Italy 1892 02 August

The Big Ben clock with The Gold medal
These are the people that are going to London.
Kando, Bhutto, Shane, McMahon, Forna, Shorn, Fan, Pan and Kando. Bhutto was going to London for the Olympics, today he was participating in the running for the Olympics. Shane, Mcmahon, Forna, Shorn and Fan. Pan was the people who’s gonna watch the olympics in 1892 we drove past and looked at the Big Ben.  

At the Olympics, but the Big Ben broke because of the
Workers did something wrong. But the clock just stopped working because Kando. Bhutto was just looking at the gold medal but the workers started to do a big splash but I didn't know what was the splash  was super big. That the gold medal dropped in the clock machine of Big Ben. So the workers pulled the gold medal out and Big Ben started working. Then everyone started to clap and shouted ‘hooray!’ So that's when the olympics started here on 1892 02 August.

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