Saturday, May 30, 2020

My incredible weekend

One Saturday night my family and I were going to kmart, then my auntie called my mum.

“She said where are we going for dinner?” My mum said we were going to kmart first. Then my auntie said we were going to Kmart afterwards, so we both went to Kmart.

After we went to Kmart we went to Wendys but before we went to Wendy's, we bought two new school bags.

We went to Wendy's to eat. I just had chicken nuggets with yummy sauce. After we ate we went back to our house and slept until morning.


The next day my mum woke me up to go to church. I was so tired because I slept late that night. My little brother Jaden didn't want to wake up, so I had to wake him up. So we hopped in our car and went to church.

We got to church but it took a long time to find a carpark. But we found one.In the church my nana chose me to the bread for the i’llness up to the altar, But I had to go to the children's liturgy but it was nice walking up to the altar.

After church my nana gave my family and I lollies.

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