Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Pacific Turtle

In inquiry I learnt about New Zealand sea animals, and I chose the turtle because in my culture this sea animal is always on our tapa cloth.

  •  Pacific Turtles eat seaweed and  green grass, they use their strong beak to get their food.

  •  Pacific Turtles live in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Mexico, Baja California.

  • Pacific Turtles can live up to 80 years

  • Pacific Turtles lay their eggs on soft tropical sand

  • Pacific Turtle shells protects them from predators

Pacific Turtles when they are born they can grow to 5 cm and when they get older they can grow to 15 cm or they can even grow up to 300 lb big.



  1. hi ana l like your story very cool and l also like tutles too

  2. hi hi ana it is me very good but wait i know you coment on my blog how is your trutle Hong Kong, Japan, China, Mexico, Baja California.

  3. awesome cool ana nice job keep it up