Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Soulfriend

Robertana is my Soul friend.
She is beautiful and nice.
Her favorite colour is green and she is Tongan and I am Samoan.
I like my Soul friend because she’s kind to me.  

Athletics Day

My first recount with the easy speak.


My recount of athletics day on the easy speak. This is my first time using it. Enjoy listening

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the Holidays

In the weekend   I went to my auntie’s house in the North Shore. It was a sunny day when we went to her house and played with my cousins. Meanwhile, we walked to the shops and bought some lunch.

Next we went to walk around. After that we went home with my cousins .When we got home my cousins asked if we wanted to play with her cards. I said, “Yes!” She said we should play “Snap.” She won twice and I won once.

After a while we got bored, so my older cousins walked to the dairy and bought some lollies. Then we walked to the mall and went to the Warehouse. We were looking for my aunty because she works there .She said “Go and get an ice – cream at Burger King”. I was really happy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tennis by Joshua

On a sunny Tuesday morning Room 5 got ready for some tennis in the courts. We stood up and ambled carefully to the yellow line and then the pole and then the courts. Marcel told us to move the ball around the racket and bounce it backwards and forwards. Marcel blew the whistle and we put our rackets and ball up, with our hands up. Marcel threw the ball down on the floor and it bounced like a frog on his racket and Marcel blew the whistle again. We wore barefoot or sport shoes or sandals.

We sat down noisily and listened to what Marcel said. We played some boring games with a partner and then went to stand on the side of the net.

We started the game and it was called “Queens and Kings” We got into a line and started playing it beautifully with our shiny rackets holding it with our left or right hand. Miss Mat took photographs of people in each group.

Meanwhile, Marcel blew the whistle to take us back to class. We had a lovely tennis lesson.