Monday, September 3, 2012

My Trip to Samoa

On Sunday night my family and I headed out on an aeroplane in the middle of the night to Samoa. When I got on the plane I was very excited. When we sat down we had to put on our seat belts so we could be safe while the plane lifted off into the sky. The plane we were on was called Air New Zealand. On Air New Zealand we had water, drinks and food. There is also a little television in front of the seat. I could watch television, play games, listen to music or watch movies. We were flying for three hours.
When we landed we had to take off our seat belts and leave the plane. When we came off the plane it was very hot. We were really tired so when we got home we went straight to sleep.
When we woke up we had to have a shower. After that when we were all ready. We went all the way to my uncle’s house. They lived in Letogo. We lived in Apia. In Letogo my uncle owns a shop and it has drinks, ice blocks and lollies. After that we went to a beach. The beach we went to is a nice sunny beach. At the beach I was shaking because the water was cold for a while. On the last day at Samoa my cousins and I stayed and helped our uncle to get more money. When we had finished we enjoyed a free ice-block from our uncle’s shop. When it was night we all headed to the airport because we had to go back to New Zealand. When we headed off onto the plane my uncle and his family had to leave. When we got to New Zealand we had breakfast at McDonalds.
When we left I felt sad because I didn’t want to leave my family.  Alecia


  1. hi alecia

    it's me joshua i like your story because you had a good time at samoa. Glad to see your work on the room five blog thank you for sharing your lovely lovely story to share for room five to read.
    REtold by joshua

  2. Hi Alecia it's your sister Sonya. What a great description about going to Samoa. I especially like how you explain how you express your feelings onto your piece of work. Maybe next time you could write a little bit more than you have written. Keep up the great work. I am very impressed with your writing. From Sonya:)