Thursday, October 18, 2012

narraitive Writing. - victoria


Narrative Writing

At the end of the day  my parents and  I went to  see Mr Gaffney . When we came past the office I saw my class. Meanwhile my mum and dad were waiting outside. Later on my friends came too.


It was Vaine and Petra. Petra came and sat down with me on the bench. After wards when Mr Gaffney had taken my class down the hill, he came to open the for us to go inside.

When we got inside, my mum was talking to Mr Gaffney about my problem.

My problem was my behaviour. I have being swearing  to other people and talking to Kanesini during class.

 we solved the problem by giving me a behaviour book.

After that I was thinking about me starting again and being really good. So I was allowed to come to school and start again. At the end of the day it was really good.


soul friend - kanesini

My Soul Friend

Hi my name is Kanesini and I am 8 years old, my soul friend is Aleina and she is 12 years old. She likes Sports and she can sing beautifully. She sings at mass every Sunday, I enjoy listening to her sing. She is also really pretty; she has nice hair, beautiful eyebrows and a smooth body. She also likes hanging around and playing tag with me. I am very lucky to have Aleina as friend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soul Friend - Annalise

My name is Annalise. My soul friend is

Sione he is a good student. He listens to his teacher. He helps his classmates .He is in room 7 .He is dark brown. He has a lot of brothers and sisters’ .He is 12 years old. He likes to play with his friends .He comes from a big family. He is gentle and generous person. I am lucky to have a soul friend like him!!


My Soul Friend

My Soul Friend

Hi my name is Victoria and my soul friend is
Salamona . He is 12 years old. He likes Karate and healthy food. My soul friend has short hair and his eyes are dark brown. My soul friend and I always play together at morning tea and lunchtime. His favourite thing to do in his spare time is to learn some Karate moves. He likes hanging out with me and playing. He is also is my best friend ever.