Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kalolaine - Pinapple Poem

Fruit Poem

 I like Pineapples they are the yummiest.


It is yellow, yellow and it makes

 me want to disco.


It doesn’t grow on a tree and it smells kind of funny.


It makes you happy not like my daddy.


I love Pineapples. It'll make you want to do the afro tango.


It looks kind of round. It makes me so proud.


  1. Good Poem Kalolaine. I really like that picture that you have got. When you next write a poem, you could maybe put in more rymes. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to your next post:-)

  2. yummy yummy it just the nice pie for me and well done. I love it how you put the picture on your work. It shows us what kind of pie it is. Perhaps you should never put to much space. So remember that next time.

  3. Wow great poem Kalolaine I like the way you put that picture on it makes me hungry and want to eat it all up maybe next time you could say things properly next okay thank you for sharing it with all of us

  4. Kalo its me sammy but im on Robbie's one i likes it